Siger NP

  • Siger NP I
  • Siger NP Compact

Siger NP I

Advance smart cruise system.

Autoclavable detachable medical handpiece.

LED handpiece provide better view during operation.

Professional periodontal treatment kit

LED handpiece, better view during treatment.

Scaler tip is with elliptical stroke pattern during operation.

Medical titanium tip, low hardness and less injure.

Siger NP Compact

NP Compact Multifunctional Painless Periodontal Treatment Device

  • Advanced smart cruise system.
  • Scaling,Perio and Endo function.
  • Two kind of water supply system.
  • Tempered glass touch panel. Fault indication.
  • LED lightening mode optional.
  • Autoclavable detachable handpiece.
  • Medical titanium tip.
  • Professional periodontal and endodontic treatment kit
  • Periodontal handpiece Pl200*1 / PP1*1 / PPL*1 / PPR*1 / G1*1 / G4*1 / E1*1
  • Multifunction touch panel
  • Sensitive control, easy cleaning.
  • Water proof glass material.
  • 10 grade power adjustable, high efficiency combined with comfort.
  • cavitation effect and acoustic microstreaming effect.
  • Fault indication.
  • One-button cleaning.
  • LED handpiece, better view during treatment.
  • Lightening mode optional.
  • Two types of water supply system, medical solution applicable under auto water supply mode.
  • Leak-proof water tank design, easily operation.
  • Handpiece holder with lock button, anti-maloperation.