Excellent performance

  • The special heater makes the sterilization bag evenly heated and has good sealing performance.
  • The 12mm sealing band makes a stronger seal.
  • Built-in stainless steel blade makes a flat cutting.

Better using experience

  • The integrated design of the sealing machine is firm and stable.
  • The optimized design of roller shaft makes the sterilization bag rolls smoothly.
  • Bi-directional handle provides comfortable operation.

Easy machine maintenance

  • Simple blade replacement saves maintenance costs.
  • The clamp can be adjusted at any time to achieve a good sealing effect.
  • The ASA plastic cover is not easy to age and discolor.

Ergonomic design

  • Sealing machine goes to standby when it is not used for half an hour, which makes it safe and avoids wasting electricity.
  • Optional tray layer with silkscreen graduated scale helps to pack multiple bags at the same time and get the dimension of the sealing bags.
  • 34mm wide operation port can meet the needs of sealing various sizes of sterilization bags.

Options of Sterilization Paper Roll

  • Dimension: 75mmx100mm 100mmx200mm 250mmx100mm